Finding Health Insurance on Maine’s Health Insurance Marketplace is easy and affordable!

There are so many details to consider, prices to compare, and complicated words to learn.

Wouldn’t it be nice if someone else could do the work for you?

Well, you came to the right place!

We provide free help to make it easier for you to find the right health insurance for you and your family at the best price!

Same Plans, Smarter Process

Our free health insurance shopping site shows you every available plan option, including all plans sold on HealthCare.Gov.

Using our site does not cost one cent more and it’s way more simple!

In fact, we cannot charge you more money for these plans… it’s the law!

You get the benefit of our experience and knowledge and pay nothing more than you would if you spent weeks and did all the work on your own!

Here’s the thing

Finding affordable health insurance in Maine isn’t always just about buying the cheapest option.

There are a lot of factors that come into play!

Plans with lower monthly payments can have higher deductibles resulting in you paying more, if you’re not careful.

Some plans require referrals and will not cover you if you see an out-of-network doctor which means you pay 100% of the bill – EVERY TIME.

Using our site will make sure all your doctors are in-network.

Or, contact us and we will research the plans to make sure all the doctors and hospitals you need are in the network. You won’t get that service on federal healthcare marketplace.

We can do the complicated work for you.

Your agent will ask you a few simple questions over email, text or on the phone – You Choose!

Then we compare details and prices to find the plan that will save you the most money and cover all your doctors and prescriptions. We make is simple!

Bigger Savings

A government subsidy (officially called Advanced Premium Tax Credit or APTC) is money the government pays directly to your health insurance company to lower your monthly premiums.

And it can save you a lot of money!

Most people who use our site pay on average between 50 to 75 percent less for their insurance using the monthly tax credit! 

Simplified Applications

Marketplace applications may require documentation that shows proof of citizenship, income, or qualifying events. This can make enrollment even more complicated for you.

We are very familiar with these application processes. We will walk you through exactly which paperwork and information to provide.

If you use out site, we handle the documents for you!

Award-Winning Support, All Year Long!

When you need a little extra help, you have a local, licensed insurance expert ready to answer your health insurance questions and individually guide you through the whole process.

We are here for you year-round if you have questions about your health insurance, run into a billing issue or need help getting a medical claim reimbursed.

“When you have a problem, it may the first time you’ve encountered it and you won’t know who to talk to or where to begin. But chances are we’ve seen it all before and we will know just what to do!”

-Todd Reagin, local insurance agent in Maine.

Your agent is always just an email or phone call away! And we promise – no waiting on hold!  

Dental, Vision, and Life Insurance, too! 

If you’re self-employed, you’ll love that we can help you build up a full suite of benefits to keep your family secure.

We partner with companies that provide the most flexible and affordable vision, dental, and life insurance options for Maine workers and their families.

In fact, our dental options start at under $16/month. Signing up for any of these plans takes about five minutes. 

Is It Really Free? 

Yes! We get asked that a lot! We do not charge anything for our help. Nada, Ziltch, Nothing!

We get paid by the insurance company. When you sign up for a plan the insurance company pays us a commission for helping you. It’s like paying us instead of an employee.

This is the same way it works with your car insurance agent. Working with us does not cost you anything and it does not change the cost of your insurance.

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