What is a “Family” Deductible?

    When I compare health insurance plans for my family, they all show a family deductible.  Does that mean we’d have to meet that full deductible even for just one person?

Answer: No.

There are individual deductibles built into the family deductible, and each family member is only required to meet the individual deductible before after-deductible benefits kick in for that family member.

Once the amounts paid towards individual deductibles meets the total family deductible for the year, everyone in the family is eligible for after-deductible benefits for the rest of the year.

If you’re browsing plans in the exchange, they only show family deductibles and out-of-pocket-maximums (OOPM) on the multi-plan comparison screen if you enter information for more than one family member. So you may need to look a little further at the plan details to see what the individual deductibles and OOPMs are.