5 star rating customer service review local agent broker insurance help maine new hampshire
  • Allen P.   15 Oct , 2018         

    I just so much enjoyed your visit here. It was wonderful. One of the nicest things about your presence here was your open and clear communication. Even your voicemail speaks to that – it’s current and explains what’s going on. You could well teach of course in Clear Communication.

  • Polly G.   07 Sep , 2018         

    Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your help this afternoon. I WISH I’d found you years ago. You are so genuine, knowledgeable, and obviously care very much about the individual’s specific needs. You’ve got a real gift of being able to make a complex subject understandable. You can be sure I’ll recommend you to everyone I come across with an insurance need. Thanks again!

  • Brenda A   06 Aug , 2018         

    As a business partner for several years, I consider Todd to be very professional, with a strong work ethic and a high level of integrity. His attention to detail and exceptional customer service are both stand out qualities appreciated by all his clients.

  • Ed M.   24 Oct , 2017         

    Todd, It was a wonderful meeting, and you were so nice, and it’s much appreciated. You are such a great guy, and I’m so glad that we have somebody to help with this. Thank you so much.

  • Deb N.   31 Aug , 2017         

    Todd has always provided us with excellent service and dedication. We appreciate his knowledge and timely execution.

  • Bruce Webber   14 May , 2017         

    Todd’s extensive knowledge of the various Medicare plan options is outstanding. Choosing a plan seemed overwhelming at first, but Todd made it amazingly simple. He is a one stop resource and has the keen ability to cut through all the red tape. The whole process with Todd’s assistance was a positive experience. I couldn’t be happier with the prompt and professional service that I received.

  • Melissa F.   24 Feb , 2017         

    When I turned 65 I did a huge amount of research to try to understand my Medicare options. I met with a long series of counselors and agents, which left me with conflicting information, many unanswered questions, and no final decision. It was completely overwhelming. I don’t live in Maine, but in frustration I began to look for an insurance agent there. What first drew me to Todd Reagin was his informative and personalized website. Both of those qualities characterized his service throughout our interactions. Within one phone consultation he was able to choose the right health insurance plan for me. He listened carefully to my health needs and what I could afford. I was impressed with the initiative he took to investigate my remaining questions and come back quickly with answers. Finally things made sense and I was able to make a confident decision about my plan choice. Todd is very caring, personable, knowledgeable, and motivated to be of service. His service was far better than I received anywhere else. The fact that I don’t live in Maine had no impact at all on the quality of service. You should consider working with Todd no matter where you live. Definitely a 5-star experience that sets a new standard for insurance agents. Highly recommended!

  • Sue B   13 Jan , 2017         

    Todd was recommended to us by good friends who have used his services for a number of years. It was my first foray into the scary world of the healthcare exchange and I was dreading it. Todd helped me understand the pros and cons of the options available and what to look for given my healthcare needs. He did not pressure me at all in any direction. He is truly a navigator. He did offer suggestions but was very clear that the decision was mine not his. Thanks to his patience and guidance the experience was very positive. After I had made my decision Todd bird-dogged my application and kept me informed of where it was in the process. I will definitely be contacting Todd next Fall when it is time to enroll. I recommend him highly and without reservation.

  • Paula M.   21 Nov , 2016         

    Thanks so much for your help regarding my retirement health insurance needs. When you are a “sno-bird” like myself, you want to know what the best plan is for your needs. It is so reassuring to know that in my situation my plan gives me the best coverage, especially while in Florida. Most of all, I do want to thank you for your excellent care and thorough comparisons giving me confidence in this choice. Thanks again!

  • Marilyn D.   04 Apr , 2016         

    Todd Reagin provides a greatly needed professional service that makes life so much easier for anyone needing insurance. After making a spur-of-the-moment decision to retire, I was very confused as to my options for insurance. Todd provided the information in a way that was so easy to understand. He promised that he would provide all the help I needed and he followed through with every commitment he made. I am grateful for his knowledge and insights, and pleased with what we were able to accomplish easily, stress-free and in a very short period of time.

  • Kim F.   14 Mar , 2016         

    I enjoyed working with Todd because it was easy to do so – he understood what we wanted and made it easy for us to move quickly and efficiently through the process. He always watched deadlines for us, and communicated to us in a timely manner. Additionally, Todd’s friendly and helpful attitude made our interaction very pleasant. I would recommend him to anyone who needs to know that their work will be done timely, efficiently, and thoroughly.

  • Margaret K.   14 Feb , 2016         

    Todd gave us top notch customer service, prompt response, and was very knowledgeable about his product. I would recommend Todd highly.

  • Vanessa L.   22 Dec , 2015         

    I can’t thank you enough for your time and the information you gave me. I’m so happy that I found you and your site and that I will be able to afford a health care insurance plan. I tried to get information from my employer and they never got back to me and you have been so great with so much! It’s seriously a huge relief. Thank you thank you thank you!!!

  • John M.   09 Dec , 2015         

    Todd is very detail oriented and using his experience and good humor, he helped us stay focused during some challenging times. I would highly recommend Todd.

  • Gerry M.   22 Nov , 2015         

    Todd is AMAZING and I would recommend him to anyone that is thinking about retiring or has retired. Todd is honest and willing to go the extra mile. I was so confused when I needed health care and what would work for me. Todd was so helpful and understanding, he explained options to me and my husband.Todd is an agent that we can email or call anytime and he will respond right away, it is nice to know we have someone that truly cares about what we need.

  • William A.   19 Oct , 2015         

    Just a short note to thank you for your time…and very informative intro to Medicare as well as the various nuances to ponder when considering/comparing the pros and cons of an Advantage Program vs. Supplemental Ins. Plans. It feels as though I’ve known you for years; hopefully our paths will cross in the near future…either in NH or in Maine! At the risk of sounding overly patronizing, you should be “Agent of the Year” in my book! I truly admire your genuine passion and sincere commitment.